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Meeting for Worship

We meet for worship at 10:00 every Sunday at our meeting hall. Visitors are very welcome. Our worship is based on silence. Our silence is a time to await with alert openness for the connection to the sacred within each of us, known as the Inner Light, the Inner Christ, or that of God within us.

It generally takes time for a meeting to “settle”. Fifteen minutes into the meeting the children go downstairs where activities have been arranged for them. Some meetings are completely silent. At times during the meeting one or more worshipers may be moved to speak out of the silence. When we are led to speak during worship this is followed by several minutes of silence while the rest of us sit with what has been said, allowing the message to ripen in our hearts. Such speaking is not to be an intellectual exercise; it is instead a movement from the depths of one's being, an expression of the sacred that will be voiced in a way that is unique to each person. We avoid speaking against what someone has previously said in the meeting, understanding that they are speaking from the Light as they experience it. When we speak it is not at length and it is very rare for someone to speak more than once during a meeting. Some of us speak of God and the Christ within while others speak from other perspectives and use different terms.

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